What if… I get as good at batching work tasks as I am at batching errands? 🤔 Yesterday I completed an errand raid so carefree and efficient, that it led to a minor eureka moment. If I can run this many errands with so little hassle — how much can I improve batching tasks at work? Because when it comes to shopping and errands, I’m quite pro at:

  • not excessively stocking up on shampoo or deodorant, but never running out either
  • spending as little time as possible, and also; as few afternoons as possible (keeping huge blocks of time free for more interesting activities)
  • making the errands efficient by planning upfront
  • not spending too much time thinking about what to get (this is probably why I mostly prefer physical shops when possible, because I’ll easily spend forever shopping online)
  • differentiating between next and someday errands
  • always considering that maybe I don’t even need this thing…?
  • or if it’s possible to wait to buy this thing…?

The idea is not new to me, I do it already with some tasks… like email. And expense reports! Though that might be procrastination rather than intentional batching. But I will try to learn more from what motivates me to get my shit together around these practicalities.

Note to self — Identify more tasks to batch. Practice being critical of what even needs to happen.