1. Enjoy Vanilla JS, Not Chocolate Broccoli

  2. Format Numbers With Intl.NumberFormat

  3. Web Accessibility & Numbers

  4. Decimal and Thousands Separators

  5. From Netscape to ECMAScript

  6. Something (Not Nothing) About JavaScript

  7. Think Of WordPress <3

  8. Brew Install Git

  9. HelloooOOOoooOOh My ZSH!

  10. Say Goodbye to Bash

  11. Improve Motivation For Learning React

  12. The Phoenix Project

  13. Shift Down the Downshift

  14. Learn About Learning

  15. Figure Out CSS-in-JS Dependencies

  16. Play Twister with Dependencies

  17. Work with Yarn in a Containerized App

  18. Remember 2019

  19. Complete the First React Course Assignment

  20. Introduce Props and State in React

  21. Understand React JSX and Components

  22. Create React App

  23. Start That React Course Already

  24. Persist ulimit Settings in macOS Catalina

  25. Lint and Prettier and pre-commit, oh my!

  26. Get Acquainted With Containerized Stack

  27. Grasp GitFlow

  28. Hello Strange New World of Finance

  29. Responsify A Logistic System

  30. Can We Open Source This?

  31. Be Explicit About What Is Okay

  32. DIY UI Tips for Backend Developers

  33. Company, Competence, Community & Conference

  34. Horizontal Teams To Strengthen Vertical Structures

  35. Salvage The Sunken Source Maps

  36. Find Out More About Find

  37. Dump A Cask & Accidentally Learn More Brew

  38. Detour Into Homebrew and Java Versions

  39. Dig Into The Dummy Layout Diffs

  40. All Roads Lead To React

  41. Put <datalist> to use

  42. Catch Up On The Deal With Testing

  43. Check Safari iOS in dev tools

  44. Learn How To Animate SVG

  45. Get Rejected and Set New Goals

  46. Finish The JS First Steps Modules on MDN

  47. Jump Into Rabbit Holes! Upgrade Dependencies!

  48. Adventures in Upgrading to Python3

  49. Celebrate Small Wins

  50. Write moar notes from what I’m reading

  51. Say Hello to Intrinsic Web Design

  52. Debug the Missing CSS Analysis (Hey Jenkins!)

  53. Archive Book List from a Different Life

  54. Tic-Tac-Tooooomg It’s Working!!

  55. Make Three in a Row, Part 3

  56. Plan What to Code (More Learn Python)

  57. Revisit Intro to Logic, Lists and Loops

  58. Learn More Python (classes and objects!)

  59. Make Three in a Row, Part 2

  60. Get Unstuck

  61. Understand Better How to 'npm'

  62. Make Three in a Row, Part 1

  63. Write My Own Cheesecake Recipe

  64. Decode Bytes and Encode Strings

  65. Deal with external code

  66. Learn Python the Hard Way (cont.)

  67. Learn Python in Palermo

  68. Go through that CLI crash course

  69. Manage keyboard focus

  70. Rocket retrospective routines

  71. Make myself a space to be awesome

  72. HTTP is a client-server protocol

  73. So… gameday, huh?!

  74. 7 years of web conferences

  75. Troubleshoot my JavaScript

  76. I used to drive a fork lift truck

  77. Break down the silos shitty first draft

  78. Rainy Sunday JavaScript learning notes

  79. Off topic travel writing from 5 yrs ago

  80. Go back to the beginning

  81. Knuth, Metafont and meta-design

  82. Stop hoarding to-do’s as if my life depends on it

  83. More adventures in upgrading Yarn

  84. Set up my new Macbook

  85. Post-travel blues

  86. omg! it has a name: “The UI Squeeze”

  87. wtf is bash anyway?!

  88. Swim at the deep end

  89. Adventures in upgrading Yarn

  90. “Code is never the challenge”

  91. Explore UI typesetting

  92. Canvas or SVG?

  93. “I haven’t learnt JS yet” is my broken record

  94. Why I want to learn JavaScript

  95. “You don’t have that kind of time”

  96. git add -p

  97. Cull and surrender

  98. Batch your tasks

  99. Rebase! I totally git it now.

  100. Be fearless with old stylesheets

  101. git diff master

  102. “Become more comfortable with uncertainty!”

  103. Cultivate a habit of learning

  104. “Let go and enjoy the ride”

  105. Hello world