Since has gone 503, let’s make a new archive of the 24 (!) conferences I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to attend the past years. I’ve been involved as an organizer for some, held workshops at a couple — and got to attend a whole bunch in exchange for sketchnotes.

CSSconf & JSconf EU 2017 💕

Berlin, 05.–07.05.17
My all time favourite confs returned this year, and I would not miss it for the world. Three full days listening to awesome talks — and talking to awesome folks — about all the things.

Booster 2017 ☔️

Bergen, 15.–17.03.17
“The software conference for the whole team” and an opportunity to visit my hometown. I held a half‑day workshop together with one of my co-workers: Creative SVG for Developers.

FFconf 2016 🇬🇧

Brighton, 10.–11.11.16
Wohooo, finally got to attend this classic JavaScript one-track I’ve heard so much about for years. Also caught a full-day workshop on Advanced CSS Layout Training with Rachel Andrew.

JSconf Iceland 2016 🇮🇸

Reykjavík, 25.–26.08.16
This was great. Excellent talks. Got to hang out several days with both old friends and new, so many interesting tech discussions. Coffee, liquorice, beer and food. Blue Lagoon! Much yay.

CSSconf Nordic & Web Rebels & NodeConf 2016 ✊

Oslo, 01.–03.06.16
This year I organized CSSconf Nordic together with Ida. Here’s our post-conf report! 💕 The three following days I was a volunteer, with lots of wonderful hallway track sessions.

Booster 2016 ☔️

Bergen, 09.–11.03.16
I had fun holding this half-day workshop: Pen and Paper for Developers.

Doodling can be a useful activity for thinking, planning, studying and communicating. “But I can’t draw.” Sure you can! Anyone learn a couple of tips to become more comfortable with pen and paper. This is a practical workshop for technical folk.

Reject.JS / CSSconf & JSconf EU 2015 🇩🇪

Berlin, 24.–27.09.2015
For the first time in quite a while, I attended a conference without being on sketchnote duty and it was kinda nice for a change. Just listening to talks, and hanging out in the breaks.

JavaZone 2015 🇳🇴

Oslo, 07.–08.09.15
This is a huge event with 3000 developers in 7 tracks. Interesting experience, but I prefer the smaller conferences I usually attend. Had just moved to Oslo to start a new job this month.

Web Rebels 2015 ✊

Oslo, 21.–22.05.15
I was involved as one of the organizers, and the others taught their designer (me) how to use GitHub when working on the website. It was after this conference that I got a new job. 🚀

Smashing Conference 2015 🇬🇧

Oxford, 17.–19.03.15
Wonderful talks on topics ranging from flexbox, performance, hybrid apps, responsive images to debugging HTTP. Attended a full-day workshop on Creative JavaScript with Seb Lee-Delisle.

Booster 2015 ☔️

Bergen, 11.–13.03.2015
I made the logo and a style guide for this conference earlier, so it was really fun to attend this year. Also joined a full-day workshop on Responsive Design Patterns with Vitaly Friedman.

Break: Questioning the Edges of Design 🇬🇧

Belfast, 13.11.2014
I never got the chance to attend the legendary Build, but then a new conference got a Kickstarter in the same city. I was sold on the “Constructivist Ticket” for freelancers and small studios.

Smashing Conference 2014 🇩🇪

Freiburg, 15.–17.09.2014
Back in Freiburg again this year to sketchnote 17 talks over two days. Also attended a full-day workshop on Mastering Mobile Content Mayhem with Sara Wachter-Boettcher.

ColdFront 2014 🇩🇰

Copenhagen, 04.09.2014
Charming one-day conference in Denmark! Lots of interesting frontend talks in an old cinema, and really nice to be invited as a guest to do sketchnotes documenting the event.

Kerning 2014 🇮🇹

Faenza, 05.–06.06.14
A typography conference in Italy?! What’s not to love about this idea? The talks were surprisingly varied, also attended a superb full-day workshop on calligraphy with Luca Barcellona.

Web Rebels 2014 ✊

Oslo, 22.–23.05.14
I was self-employed around these years, and this conference was my favourite new client of the year. I designed the web site and attended as a volunteer at the event itself. Made new friends!

Smashing Conference 2014 🇬🇧

Oxford, 17.–19.03.14
During two days in March, I had the pleasure of sitting in Oxford Town Hall and listen to 17 talks about web design. Attended a really useful full-day workshop: Mastering CSS with Lea Verou.

Smashing Conference 2013 🇩🇪

Freiburg, 08.–11.09.13
This was the very first time I started publishing sketchnotes on Twitter. There were full-day workshops both before and after the main event. I couldn’t decide and went for both: Typography with Dan Mall, and Atomic Design and Responsive Patterns with Brad Frost.

New Adventures in Web Design 2013 🇬🇧

Nottingham, 23.–25.01.13
This was the third and last New Adventures, and I’m so happy I was there. This is when I learnt about “Procrastiworking” and other talks that had a huge influence on me.

Ampersand 2012 🇬🇧

Brighton, 15.06.12
The Web Typography Conference! Great content, but the most important part was the people. Several designers and developers I met here I am still in contact with now over 5 years later.

An Event Apart, Seattle 2012 🇺🇸

Seattle, 02.–04.04.12
When I got a travel grant, I spun the globe to see how far the money could take me. Attending this legendary event was a blast. Jon Tan got me interested in typography for the first time, and there was a badass full-day workshop on Designing Mobile Web Experiences with Luke Wroblewski.

WordCamp Norway 2012 🇳🇴

Oslo, 14.01.12
I worked mostly with WordPress at the time, building sites for my clients. So of course I came to Oslo for the first WordCamp in Norway. I started a WordPress meetup in Bergen afterwards!

FRONTEND 2011 ♻️

Oslo, 10.–12.10.11
I think this was the first time I learnt about responsive design. I also attended a workshop on sketchnotes with Eva-Lotta Lamm which started my new relationship with pen and paper.


Oslo, 01.–02.09.10
My first ever conference. I won a ticket, just after I had started freelancing as a web designer. Met so many people! And got to know there was an industry I wanted to be a part of.

Yup. It’s been quite a ride.