The Sad, Beautiful Fact That We're All Going To Miss Almost Everything

This article is about culture. I read it after watching Simon Collison talk at Creative Mornings, where he transferred the idea to which topics to learn as a designer. I can still remember the feeling I got from being introduced to “cull and surrender” back then, four years ago now.

I think about this a lot. Well… I try to.

Culling is the choosing you do for yourself. Surrender is the realization that you do not have time for everything that would be worth the time you invested in it.

Linda Holmes writes about these two as a balance. How we should accept there is so much that could be worth our time — it’s not just about dividing all the things into interesting or not.

  • books, music, films, television and art
  • activities and travel destinations
  • potential tasks at work
  • stuff to learn
  • people

I will miss almost everything. And that is fine.