Code is never the challenge. Well-rested comfortable people who feel emotionally safe have solved every problem I’ve put in front of them.

This tweet by @ceejbot has been making the rounds for a year, and it makes me smile just as much every time it appears in my Twitter feed. Such a brilliant tweet. 💕

For me, it first of all reminds me that if I am “well-rested, comfortable and feel emotionally safe” – then I am capable of solving every problem. Some of that is on my employer, managers and co‑workers. And some of that is on me.

Get more and better quality sleep

I don’t go to bed at ridiculous hours anymore, and I rarely stay up too late. Then again, I rarely go to bed as early as I intend either. And I always fall asleep quickly. But I will very often wake up during the night, and more often than not; my brain will turn itself on and insist that now is the time to think about all the things. Anything and everything!

My subpar sleep is a fixable problem, I know there are lots of small changes I can do all around to hack my sleep. Perhaps writing this will help me make some of the improvements a priority.

The other part…

I have to think about. And it probably won’t be here.