I’ve been feeling stuck the past weeks. The exercises in Learn Python the Hard Way are getting harder. And making “Three in a Row“ has seemed out of reach. I know I just need to invest time with it all — but I’ve struggled to find motivation to do that enough.

It’s been 9 months since I started the experiment of writing these notes. And much like I had a theory about 45 (!!) blog posts ago, there is something that motivates me about publishing them. I don’t generally show them to anyone, but the act of putting words out in the world means:

  • I have to make sure that what I’m writing is correct. 📖
  • A post is finished the moment it’s published. ✅
  • I get to feel a sense of accomplishment about that. 🏆

An unexpected bonus of having these notes, is revisiting what I was frustrated about before. This is an excellent reality check for when I feel like I’m not learning. I can go back and read what I wrote a couple of months ago, and get genuinely surprised. “Wat why where you confused about this thing which is OBVIOUS.” This happens over and over.

So here’s to hopefully be doing exactly that in a couple of weeks about classes and objects and building a game in Python. 🙈🐍💻