The Python game I’ve been coding! But perhaps more importantly; my studying is working!

I started taking stabs two months ago, with no clue how to approach this, got a bit stuck for a while, did more exercises from Learn Python the Hard Way — including getting through the chapter that introduced process. And then, what felt like suddenly and surprisingly, the day after I thoroughly planned what to code — I was able to sit down and write a program.

I’ve got the feeling that no one in the history of Python has ever before spent this many commits making tic-tac-toe playable in a terminal. But every one of them are mine. I really wanted to figure this out on my own, without asking anyone for help, and without looking at other people’s solutions.

Yesterday, I showed a friend the code I had written, and asked specifically for: Any tips to point me in the right direction for what to read up, so I can improve in tiny steps while actually learning properly what I’m doing. I had no idea how much this was spot on. I got the most incredibly awesome review. So now I’m ridiculously pleased with the plan to first struggle through on my own until I had reached this level, but then to get help now. This will make for excellent learning. 💪