This month I have left logistics behind for a new job in the financial sector. This is a domain that I know absolutely nothing about, so there are plenty of words to learn. I will start with these:

Oslo Stock Exchange 🏛

There are different marketplaces with separate sets of requirements.

Oslo Børs A full stock exchange listing for large companies with a track record
Oslo Axess A regulated market for companies with less than 3 years history
Merkur Market Multilateral trading facility with less strict requirements and reporting

Instruments 🎻

Common naming in the codebase! Because it’s a collective term for misc tradables.

Financial instruments are monetary contracts between parties. They can be created, traded, modified and settled. – Wikipedia

  • Equities – shares and stocks (not technically exactly the same, but more or less)
  • Derivatives – a contract that derives its value from something else
  • Bonds – a bind to pay a loan (“obligasjon” in Norwegian)

This is way more complex, but learning the difference roughly for a handful will do for now.

Ticker The abbreviation to identify companies (or more precisely publicly traded shares)
Security Oooh, that is English for the Norwegian term “verdipapir”
Indices A-ha, plural of index! And a measurement of a section of the stock market
ISIN International Securities Identifying Number
GICS Global Industry Classification Standard